Green Chemistry is Our Nature

Chemtura's EVEREST® brand of synthetic polyol ester refrigeration lubricants are designed to impart optimum performance and longer service life to today's new energy efficient and more environmentally safe HFC-based refrigeration and A/C systems. EVEREST products are also an excellent choice for R-22 and R-12 retrofits using refrigerants such as R-422A, R-422D, R-417A and R-427. EVEREST refrigeration lubricants are available in viscosity grades from ISO 10 to ISO 220.

Formulated versions containing anti-wear and extreme pressure additives are also available for select viscosity grades for extremely demanding applications. There is an EVEREST refrigeration lubricant for applications ranging from small hermetic home appliances to large scale industrial centrifugal and screw chiller compressors.

CARDOX TC® polyol esters are specifically designed for use in small unitary to large industrial reciprocating compressors using carbon dioxide (R-744) under transcritical operating conditions.  

EVEREST AW® Series polyol ester lubricants are formulated with an anti-wear/extreme pressure (AW/EP) additive package specifically designed to protect against compressor bearing wear under conditions of extreme operating conditions.

Many compressor manufacturers have their own specific formulated lubricants for OEM factory fill and maintenance. Chemtura manufacturers a number of POEs that match the exact specification requirements for select OEMs. 

Chemtura manufactures EVEREST brand polyol ester refrigeration lubricants in a large range of ISO viscosity grades (ISO 15 to ISO 220). All have excellent miscibility and thermal stability with HFC refrigerants.