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EVEREST Brand Refrigeration Lubricants

Chemtura's EVEREST brand of synthetic polyol ester refrigeration lubricants are designed to impart optimum performance and longer service life to today's new energy efficient and environmentally friendly HFC-based refrigeration and A/C systems.  EVEREST products are also an excellent choice for R-22 and R-12 retrofits using refrigerants such as R-422A, R-422D, R-417A and R-427. EVEREST refrigeration lubricants are available in viscosity grades from ISO 10 to ISO 220.

Formulated versions containing anti-wear and extreme pressure additives are also available for select viscosity grades for extremely demanding applications.  There is an EVEREST refrigeration lubricant for applications ranging from small hermetic home appliances to large scale industrial centrifugal and screw chiller compressors.

Company History

EVEREST Hatco Division, Chemtura Corporation is a leading producer of specialty esters for the aviation, refrigeration, automotive and industrial markets.  The company offers a diverse range of specialty products and services to chemical, petrochemical and consumer products companies as well as government agencies worldwide.  Among the products produced by Hatco are synthetic jet engine lubricants, synthetic refrigeration lubricants, synthetic dielectric fluids and esters for medical and safety glass laminate applications.

The origins of the company trace back to 1949 when Hatco Chemical Company was started in Kearny, New Jersey.  When founded, the primary business of Hatco was splitting oils to make fatty acids.  In 1951, Hatco moved to Fords, New Jersey to the site of a clay mine where excavation for red clay to make bricks had been going on for years.  Today, Hatco is a Chemtura company and has plants and offices in Fords, New Jersey, one of the most strategic locations in the state.  Located just a few minutes from the NJ Turnpike, the Garden State Parkway, and Interstate 287, we offer immediate access to highway, railroad, airports and deep-water terminals.

Hatco Division, Chemtura Corporation was a pioneer in the manufacture of polyol ester based refrigeration lubricants, having produced such products as early as 1989.  With the largest, most modern, most efficient, manufacturing facilities for polyol esters in the world; Chemtura remains the leader in this field.  Chemtura’s emphasis on new product development to meet the demanding needs of this dynamic market ensure equipment manufacturers of the optimum products for each type and size of compressor.

Now, with the introduction of its EVEREST branded refrigeration lubricants, Chemtura offers these products on a direct basis to OEM’s and through selected distributors for the service market.  The product offering is extensive, but should you have unique requirements, we are able to design a lubricant that exactly meets your performance requirements.

Hatco Division, Chemtura Corporation is ISO14001:2004 and ISO9001:2000 certified.